Fixed Wire Testing in Schools is a highly important form of testing that needs to take place in the education environment and we are an ideal choice for this service as we have been providing Fixed Wire Testing in Schools, as well as testing for other areas, for many years. The pressures placed upon an electrical system in a school are significant and we understand that the electrical installation consists of wiring that is often hidden, typically not seeing the light of day in terms of maintenance.

Fixed Wire Testing in Schools usually involves the checking of hidden electrical appliances and wiring within the school to ensure that they are working correctly with no visible damage. Fixed Wire Testing in Schools also refers to the main electrical wiring in the school building such as main panels, socket outlets, AC systems and more fixed appliances. It also includes performing rigorous visual inspections and thorough electrical tests to ensure safety and proper functionality.

We specialise in providing comprehensive electrical installation condition reports (EICR) to comply with Electricity at work regulations and BS7671:2008 following work in schools.

If any issue arises during fixed wire testing, we have professionals on hand who are able to offer a range of repairs to hidden issue to prevent the risk of electric shock.

Our Fixed Wire Testing in Schools is especially important, as an undetected problem could be a massive risk to the safety of the staff and pupils inside the building. Any harm caused by the school’s electrical system could have major consequences; therefore it is recommended that a professional tests the installation thoroughly on a regular basis. Fixed Wire Testing in Schools conducted by us will be carried out by a highly trained, professional electrician that can easily identify any weak points in an electrical system and perform repair works on damaged wiring. This provides peace of mind regarding the safety of the staff and pupils inside the school.

If you require more information or technical support regarding fixed wire testing in schools, then please don’t hesitate to contact one of our team.