Fire alarm testing is a necessity for any property, ensuring that the alarm will protect anyone inside the building during a fire.

When public places are concerned, fire alarm testing and maintenance should be carried out 1-2 times per year to ensure the safety of the clients, employees or service users which are present within your property or establishment.

Here at Polarity Electrics LTD, we are able to offer contracts for all aspects of fire alarm testing and maintenance. With a range of fully qualified professionals on hand, we regularly take part in offering services and related maintenance to establishments such as:

  • Fire alarm testing in Hospitals
  • Fire alarm testing for Schools
  • Fire alarm testing in Hotels
  • Fire alarm testing for Council and housing association properties
  • Fire alarm testing for Commercial properties
  • Fire alarm testing in Industrial properties

When offering fire alarm testing and general maintenance, we will always ensure that all relevant aspects are present in regards to health and safety guidelines as well as current British fire safety standards. Failure to regularly take part in fire alarm testing and maintenance can in some instances void your insurance policy and can cause failure in your systems when a real emergency does occur, which could in reality cause harm to your employees, service users or customers. Therefore, it is important that regular fire alarm testing and servicing is conducted on a regular basis to protect your employees, customers and your property.

When fire alarm testing is being carried out by us, we arrange with you what the most ideal time will be to minimise disruption to your work, allowing your business to function effectively with reduced interruptions. The service we provide is catered to your company’s needs and is always performed in a manner that has been approved by you, providing a test that suits your requirements.

Regular fire alarm testing and maintenance is within the interest of your company or establishments and could potentially save lives, so if you are looking for a company to ensure that your fire alarms are continually kept up to date, then please feel free to contact us for more information.