Fixed wire testing is an important type of electrical testing that needs to take place and we have been offering fixed wire testing for many years. We realise that electrical installation consists of a property being wired from a substantial point of source and many of these components are hidden and regularly go forgotten about in terms of maintenance. Fixed wire testing involves us checking hidden electrics and wires within the property to ensure that they are still strong and working as they should. Fixed wire testing refers to the main electrical wiring in a building such as main panels, socket outlets, air conditioning systems and more fixed appliances. It includes performing vigorous visual inspections and thorough electrical tests.

We specialise in providing comprehensive electrical installation condition reports (EICR) to comply with Electricity at work regulations and BS7671:2008 following work in organisations such as:

  • Fixed Wire Testing at Schools
  • Fixed Wire Testing for Hospitals
  • Fixed Wire Testing in Hotels
  • Fixed Wire Testing for Blocks of flats
  • Fixed Wire Testing for Council properties

If any issue arises during fixed wire testing, we have professionals on hand who are able to offer a range of repairs to hidden issue to prevent the risk of electric shock.

Our wire testing service is especially important in public places, as if a problem is left undetected, a client, employee or visitor could be harmed when using electrical devices, switches or sockets. Regardless of the environment, fixed wire testing is a service that will protect anyone interacting with the electrical system in a property and as a result it is highly important that it is carried out. Fixed wire testing conducted by us will be carried out by a professionally trained electrician that can easily identify any weak points in an electrical system and perform repair works on damaged wiring, giving you the peace of mind that the building is safe to use.

If you require more information or Technical support regarding fixed wire testing, then please contact one of our professionals.