When it comes to commercial electrical testing we ensure our team are kept up to date with the best practices of carrying out checks, outlined by the industry.

With commercial properties you are required to have 100% of the system checked at least every 5 years, you have the option to break this down into 20% inspections every year. If you opt for an annual check this can be beneficial in finding minor faults that may develop into more costly faults if left for the full term. When carrying out our commercial electrical testing we cover all aspects of the system, so you can be sure anyone using the property is safe.

The areas of your system that will be checked when we carry out commercial electrical testing includes:

  • check earthing and bonding is adequate
  • ensure the switchgear and controlgear is suitable
  • checking the condition and type of wiring
  • ensuring there is suitable identification and notices
  • making note of any damage, wear and tear or deterioration
  • checking the system is suitable for its intended use if there has been a change in the use of the building

As you can see our commercial electrical testing covers every aspect of your system, meaning you can be sure you’ve taken every step you can to ensure the safety of anyone using your property. Our team are highly knowledgeable, so if you are unsure of the best testing structure for your property we can offer advice.

So, if you’re looking for a company that specialise in commercial electrical testing get in touch with our team now on 0800 085 9146 and we’ll gladly answer any queries you may have and give you free quotes.